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From “Chicago Ghost Signs,” multimedia work-in-progress. © 2023 Ray Pride.

What’s coming up: a couple or three dispatches a week—sort of like Twitter, sort of like Tumblr, mostly a scrapbook, a commonplace book—and also a round-up of what I’ve published or am doing in a given week, from reviews to interviews to progress on
Chicago Ghost Signs.”

My Twitter feed reflects a lot of interests with reactions; the Links & Looks pages sample the best stuff I come across in a given week. (The Twitter feed, which is a bit of firehose that I’m hoping outlasts the face of its present investors, is here.)

Weekdays, I aggregate cultural news from Chicago and the Midwest as a column and newsletter for Newcity, “Today in the Culture.”

Thursdays, I write a movie column and newsletter of “Talking Screens,” what’s playing in Chicago, a mix of new reviews and repertory items. The film section has several thousand older reviews, interviews and features, an archive that begins in 2006.

“Chicago Ghost Signs” peeks above the surface. There are Instagram and Twitter accounts, and I’m posting photos from shoots on Flickr.

Twitter for Chicago Ghost Signs here. Instagram for Chicago Ghost Signs here.

The 2022 FILM 50, which I chose, conducted interviews and wrote is here. Fifty key leaders behind the scenes of Chicago film, in 27,000 words. Also from that enterprise: Why Chicago's Music Box Theatre and Music Box Films are unique: a 7,000-word Q&A with the key players. 

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